We work in partnership with organic & premium food producers from Eastern Europe to bring the best brands to the UK & Ireland.

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We are an international company invested intro briging the best quality products from Eastern Europe To United Kingdom and Ireland.
In the present, we represent 3 main brands: Carpathian Treasure , Gusto & Rifero.

Carpathian Treasure

We are a family-run company based in London, working in close collaboration with a small bee-keeping community living in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains. Our partnership was formed several years ago when we discovered a shared vision: to offer natural products of exceptional quality to our customers. 

It is no easy task to find unrefined produce on supermarket shelves, and nearly all honeys include added ingredients or have been pasteurized, having the appearance of honey but none of the health benefits. 

We decided the main aim of our beekeeping business would be to cultivate 100% pure produce and to care for the bees who make it. 

Equipped with years of knowledge and experience, our Carpathian companions work to maintain healthy bees and keep them safe from harm. We produce small amounts of honey using bee-friendly methods. We only harvest the remainder of the season’s honey production, always leaving enough honey and pollen in the honeycombs to cover the nutritional needs of the bees. In return the bees reward us with incredible raw honey with many health benefits and amazing taste. We believe that raw honey is a gift from nature to us, and we are delighted in turn to be able to share this gift with you! 

OUR MISSION is to offer people, especially from the UK & Ireland, the best premium, raw & organic products. 

Quality: We offer only premium quality natural products 
People: We work with professionals. We work alongside motivated people who put their heart and soul into the business to achieve outstanding standards. 
Life: We offer products with a variety of health benefits that are known to improve general wellbeing and help people enjoy life. 
Community: We sustain every year with minimum 20% from profit, social and charitable causes, especially for children.
You can find a list of carpathian treasure products here.

Gusto - The Story of Phoenixy and Gusto Corn Puffs

Our story begins in 1992 in our parents’ house in Baicoi. Ever since, through perseverance and steadily investment in quality and development, Phoenixy has become one of the most successful Romanian entreprenurial initiatives and the largest corn puffs producer in Romania.

In 1992, Eliodor Apostolescu and Catalin Nour, two students at the Politehnica University of Bucharest, were looking for a business idea. 

With lots of creativity and energy, they’ve started with an ice-cream stand at the corner of the street and decided to further develop it in the food sector. This decision made possible the continuity of the business throughout the entire year and offered the two young entrepreneurs a great platform to experiment on. 

Being a student, without any clear experience in a field of activity, they had to choose a business idea that would not pose big problems so that their experience could evolve along with the business itself. The corn puffs seemed to be a simple product to make, and so they bought an extruder from a Romanian food machine manufacturer. 

In time, however, they’ve discovered that making corn puffs is an … art. And they’ve mastered this art, managing to bring Gusto Pufuleti to millions of consumers, in more than 30 countries.  

Gusto is the corn puffs brand produced in Baicoi industrial unit, one of the largest plants in Europe, with over 1,000,000 corn puffs bags produced per day. The company sales its products in 32 countries, the majority of the European countries as well as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, New Zeeland, Australia, Canada and the United States of America.


The company  “Vioniservice” is in bussiness since  1997. 

Main activities: 
– Drying and plum processing; 
- Supply dry products to various businesses around the country. 

From the year 2012, "Vioniservice" have launched a revolutionary sweet product. Under the brand of "Rifero" each person that likes sweets with the addition of those who enjoy natural made products can savour the most tasty chocolate covered plums with walnuts.

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